Terms & Condition

Basic Terms & Conditions

We at BYTE COMPUTERS are passionate gamers ourselves and plan on bringing these sales to benefit our fellow gamers. The policy and quantity restrictions might seem harsh but they have been formulated for the benefit of the gaming community in a way that it is not exploited for any malpractices.
  1. We are bringing offers solely with the purpose of benefitting end users and not other resellers in the business so if any other business owners or entities related to the business owners place an order it will get canceled. The refund after deducting the gateway charges in full will be sent back to the payment source.
  2. Product quantities will be limited based on the product type and users can only purchase X number of times with the same name, location & number. In case anyone is found misusing this policy by8computers.com reserves the right to cancel the order and refund the amount deducting the payment gateway charges.
  3. Any orders placed during the sale cannot be canceled under any circumstance & is non-refundable.
  4. We will not be issuing any B2B billing during sales to ensure that only end users benefit from these sales.
  5. If any user is suspected of misusing the order limitations, we reserve the right to cancel the order and refund after deducting the payment gateway charges.
  6. During sales, there may be times when pickups might get affected due to heavy rains across the country so we request you to please bear with us during those days.
  7. Orders placed post 3 PM will be considered as placed on the next day.
  8. In case a product is returned back to us from the courier stating the unavailability of the recipient double shipping will be applicable to ship the product back.
  9. For any product that you order that you claim to be faulty or broken or defective, an uncut video has to be made of the unboxing of the product for claiming the same.
  10. In case there are any claims of the product being faulty on delivery, we will pick up the product and replace it after we test the product. In case the product is found to be not faulty, the customer will have to bear the shipping charges of the product to our origin and to the customer ( twice the shipping ).
  11. In addition to this, all the existing Terms & Conditions are applicable.
  12. BYTE COMPUTERS holds full right to void wallet balances if someone's found misusing the feature decision taken by BYTE COMPUTERS will be final in this case.
  13. No Customer can waive responsibility on grounds of ignorance of terms & conditions.
  14. By clicking on the I accept to the terms & conditions button you also accept the following Cancellation,Returns & Refund Policy